About Us

Simetrica-Jacobs is a research consultancy specialising in social impact measurement, policy evaluation and wellbeing analysis. We provide cutting-edge research and advice of highest levels of scientific rigour to governments, international organisations, and the private and not-for-profit sectors covering some of the most important and pressing areas of policy.

Dr. Daniel Fujiwara

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Fujiwara is the founding director of Simetrica-Jacobs. He is an economist specialising in policy..

Helen Dunn -Director of Policy and Analysis

Helen Dunn

Director of Policy and Analysis

Helen Dunn manages the company’s projects and leads on engagement with clients. Helen is an..

Dr Mary-Kathryn Adams -Director of Strategy

Dr Mary-Kathryn Adams

Director of Strategy

Mary-Kathryn (MK) leads on strategy development, business planning and innovation..

Edward Dallas -Head of Product/Principal Economist

Edward Dallas

Head of Product/Principal Economist

Edward Dallas manages and leads on policy evaluation and econometric projects and ensures correct..

Neil Scott -Head of Econometrics

Dr. Neil Scott

Head of Econometrics

Neil is an applied econometrician, leading on our work in causal inference and data science..

Chantelle -Finance Manager

Chantelle Matthews

Finance Manager

Chantelle Matthews is the finance manager with 20 years of finance experience, overseeing all areas..

Augustin Lagarde -Principal Economist

Augustin Lagarde

Principal Economist

Augustin Lagarde conducts econometric analysis and policy evaluation and supports..

Madeleine McKay Arber -Senior Statistician & Behavioural Scientist

Dr. Madeleine McKay Arber

Principal Behavioural Scientist

Madeleine McKay Arber conducts statistical and econometric analysis on a wide range of data sets..

Cem Maxwell -Senior Economist

Cem Maxwell

Senior Economist

Cem Maxwell conducts econometric analysis, policy evaluation and supports the Senior Economists ..

Agnieszka Szydlowska -Economist

Agnieszka Szydlowska

Senior Economist

Agnieszka (Agnes) performs econometric analysis and conducts research in policy evaluation..

Peter O'Donovan


Peter conducts economic and econometric analysis and supports the Senior Economists..

Dr. Fatemeh Behzadnejad -Economist

Dr. Fatemeh Behzadnejad


Fatemeh conducts econometric analysis and economic modelling with a focus on..

Myriam Vriend -Graduate Economist

Myriam Vriend


Myriam is a Economist, conducting economic and econometric ..

Ravi Talwar -Graduate Economist

Ravi Talwar


Ravi is a Economist who supports on project delivery.
He holds an MSc Economics from..

Daria Incarnato


Daria conducts economic analysis and research, supporting the Senior Economists..

Nina Haliamalias -Office Manager

Nina Haliamalias

Office Manager

Nina undertakes the day-to-day management of the office, including project management and overseeing project delivery. 

Ui Yoshida -Graduate Economist

Ui Yoshida

Graduate Economist

Ui recently completed his PhD in Economics from Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL)..

Eleni Mataragka -Graduate Economist

Eleni Mataragka

Graduate Economist
Eleni is a Graduate Economist, supporting the team in delivery across a range of..
Olivia Vera -Graduate Economist

Olivia Vera

Graduate Economist
Olivia is a Graduate Economist who supports the team in project delivery. She holds an..
Naike -Graduate Economist

Naike Santangelo

Graduate Economist
Naike conducts economic and econometric analysis and supports the team in project delivery..
Nacima -Graduate Economist

Nacima Mohamed

Graduate Economist

Nacima is a Graduate Economist who supports the team in project delivery..

Megan Homer

Graduate Economist

Megan is a Graduate Economist who supports the team in project delivery..

Jason Lee

Graduate Economist

Jason Graduated from the university of Surrey, studying Economics..

Hazel Cranmer

Graduate Economist

Hazel is a graduate economist who supports the team in project delivery..

Lisa Lien

Graduate Economist

Lisa recently completed her MSc in International Health Policy (Health Economics) at the LSE..