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Simetrica-Jacobs Green Book

What's new

HM Treasury’s latest Green Book Supplementary Guidance recommends our methods of evaluating wellbeing and measuring the effect of income on life satisfaction.

What we do

We guarantee to provide our  clients analysis and  strategic advice based  on the best possible  evidence and methodologies. We work across the areas of business ethics, social value measurement, wellbeing analysis, data science and impact evaluation, behavioural science and survey design. We only use internationally-endorsed methods as set out in guidance produced by the OECD and governments globally and we have written and contributed to many of these guidelines.

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Who we work with

We provide research and consultancy advice across a range of sectors. Our clients include governments, private sector organisations and charities. We have also delivered training to over 1,000 different organisations and government bodies worldwide on evaluation and social value measurement. Alongside our consultancy services, our Social Value Bank tools are used by companies and charities in the UK and internationally.

Our services & tools

We provide cutting-edge research and advice  of the highest levels of scientific rigour to governments, international organisations, and the private and not-for-profit sectors covering some of the most important and pressing areas of policy.   

We can work with you on a project basis to measure the impact of a programme, investment, or policy or of an organisation as a whole. Alongside our research and consultancy work, we also offer a number of online tools that allow organisations to robustly measure social value themselves, drawing on our best practice valuation work.

impact by design Canada
NCS A wellbeing and human capital value for money analysis of the NCS 2015 programme​
Measuring Economic Value in Cultural Institutions

Our Research

In supporting clients across a range of sectors, a number of our pieces of research have been published by clients. This reflects the importance that our research has for our clients as a part of their broader stakeholder engagement.

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