Simetrica-Jacobs places a strong emphasis on ensuring that  all of  our work is consistent with best practice government guidance.  But, at  Simetriac-Jacobs we do not just follow best practice, we set it.  We have worked on best practice guidance for 15 governments around the world and have contributed to many of the most widely recognised guidance on social impact measurement, wellbeing and cost benefit analysis.  With a depth of experience from across government, we have often been sought out  by  governments to  set the frameworks for  effective policy evaluation. 

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Scams and subjective wellbeing: Evidence from the Crime Survey for England and Wales
NCS A wellbeing and human capital value for money analysis of the NCS 2015 programme
NCS A wellbeing and human capital value for money analysis of the NCS 2015 programme 
Canada Government Impact Measurement Guidelines
Canada Government, Impact Measurement Guidelines 
DWP Methodologies for estimating and incorporating the wider social and economic impacts of work in Cost Benefit Analysis of employment programmes
The Department for Work and Pensions Social Cost-Benefit Analysis framework
Using Impact Evaluations to Inform Policy Decisions: Moving from Evaluation to Valuation (in Polish)
Valuation Techniques For Social Cost Benefit Analysis Stated Preference Revealed Preference and Subjective Well Being Approaches
Valuation Techniques for Social Cost-Benefit Analysis