Quality of life and wellbeing  sit at the heart of much of the work that Simetrica-Jacobs conducts.  Whether evaluating  the impact of  a  project or considering the baseline situation, health (both mental and physical) is a critical channel that helps us understand impact.  Simetrica-Jacobs has pioneered approaches to valuing  health improvements, working  with clients and through our suite of products to ensure that health impacts are adequately and accurately accounted.  

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Valuing mental health -How a subjective wellbeing approach can show just how much it matters
Valuing mental health. How a subjective wellbeing approach can show just how much it matters  

A wellbeing and human capital value for money analysis of the NCS 2015 programme 

Mental Health and Life Satisfaction
Mental Health and Life Satisfaction

The Relationship between the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale and Life Satisfaction.