International Development & Charities

Robust evaluation of programmes run by charitable organisations is important for ensuring that scarce funds are allocated to the most effective interventions.  Simetrica-Jacobs has worked with a range of charities to evaluate activities, applying best practice guidance to ensure that evaluations get at the underlying relationship between action and impact. 

Case Study

Client Reports
GIVERS report

The Behavioural Science behind recruiting, retaining and motivating volunteers

lighting the way housing simetrica
Lighting the way for C2 Connecting Communities

Social Impact Valuation of the Beacon Project 1995-2001

wellbeing and civil society
Wellbeing and civil society

Estimating the value of volunteering using subjective wellbeing data

HACT Measuring Social Impact of Community Investment
Measuring the Social Impact of Community Investment

A Guide to Using the Wellbeing Valuation Approach